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Limited Edition Mason Jar - 13 oz.

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13 oz.

Summer 2021 Limited Edition! Limited Time ~ Limited Quantity!

Cake Pop - Tender cake morsels are embellished with tropical pineapple nectar and sweet citrus buttercream layered with scrumptious vanilla and sugared passion fruit.

Guava Lemonade offers sweet guava puree, tropical passionfruit, and soft hints of green nectarine that meld with the sugary-sweetness of effervescent lemonade infused with frosty, ozonic freshness.    

Peaches and Plums - Fuzzy Peach elements and sweet apricot balance fruity Rainier cherry and white nectarine swirled with pink plum accents, fresh lychee, smooth cedarwood, and transparent musk.

Raspberry Sangria is a refreshing pink rose´ wine that is elevated with softer rosewater aspects, crushed rose petals, and crisp pink pear layered with fruity raspberry and sparkling citrus zest.